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Software outsourcing

  • Teams and tech handpicked to match your exact needs
  • Complete delivery from concept to roll-out
  • Custom applications for desktop, mobile, web and everything inbetween
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Electronics R&D

  • Cutting edge innovation placed within your reach
  • From prototypes to full-scale manufacturing
  • Custom electronics, digital systems and hardware/software integration
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  • Expert support for your inhouse staff
  • Jumpstart your development or put it into overdrive
  • Surgically precise troubleshooting, on-site contracts, business analysis and specialized bootcamp trainings
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Spotlight project: Teoriundervisning

Learn more Reinforcing market leadership in online driving theory education.

Client testimonials

What makes Blue Brick different is that I can completely trust them to get the delivery done with very little managerial input from me. Blue Brick owns the matter, things get solved, there are no "blame-games" and the project moves forward. Please consider my warmest and deepest recommendation for Blue Brick as your future development partner. You will not regret that decision.

Piotr Kundu, CEO Beemobile

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